Gouda Cheese - Cheese Trio

For a good taste of Gouda Cheese, for a nice dish with varation, an orginal dessert, we present you a balanced colection of our finest Gouda Cheese. A beautifull set of the best Holland Cheese

Young Matured Gouda Cheese with herbs, a well balanced combination of chees and slightly spicy herbs.
Delicious Matured Gouda Cheese mild and with enough body.
Tasty Aged Gouda Cheese 48+ Gouda quality. The V.S.O.P. of cheese!

These three pieces of Gouda Chees are a perfect combination, each one of them the best of their kind. If you reallly want to see the difference between Gouda Cheese and Cheese from Gouda, this is an opportunity you can't pass.

Aged: Matured 11 mnd, Young Matured Herbs, 5 mnd, Aged over 2,5 year

produced in Gouda region
Supplier: Kaaswinkeltje Gouda

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Price per Gift set 3 cheese 50: € 40,75
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