Gouda Cheese - Semi Matured Gouda Cheese with Mustard seeds
Semi Matured Gouda Mustard Cheese, delightfull tasty Cheese

This Gouda Cheese is a nice tasty cheese with first class Mustard seeds. This cheese, prepared using a traditonal recipe, is aged for approximately 5 months. The extra bite this cheese got from aging and the tasty, enhaced by the slightly sour and spicy bite of the mustard seeds are giving this Gouda Cheese with Mustrard seeds just a little extra

This Semi Matured Gouda Cheese with Mustard is natural aged, with only the best quality Mustard seeds, nice tasty and in good harmony.

Aged: +/- 5 months

produced in Gouda region: Cheese farm gebr. Klaver
Supplier: Kaaswinkeltje Gouda

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