The combination of 4 centuries well preserved craftmenship in the production of Gouda Ceramics, the in house developed traditional painting colors and glazes, the precise and controled ovens and finally the ultimate care and quality control, are making Royal Goedewaagen the leading producer of Dutch Gouda Pottery for centuries now.

All Gouda Pottery and Delft Blue Pottery are in house decorated by hand by our own master painters. Every single object is signed and given the the 'Original Royal Goedewaagen' Logo. Every single piece has it's own unique certificate which guarantees it's quality and ensures it is an original handcrafted Royal Goedewaagen..

The Amata series traditional Gouda Ceramics is an unique example of Royal Goedewaagen craftmenship. Inspired by Italy and Love designer Sander Alblas created the Amata series (Amata is Italian for 'loved one') This style is based on the famous Purmerend style from the 1920's. This unique series of Gouda Ceramics is produced in a limited edition of 999 pieces each.